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George & Genevieve. The Love Boat. https://www.dgrannerphoto.com/blog/2016/8/george-genevie It's not often that you get to cruise around the waters of Toronto taking in the breathtaking skyline at night while also taking photos of a breathtaking couple as well! George and Genevieve's wedding was a blast!! From the delicious Indian food to the welcoming spirit of the entire group of guests, it was a perfect night. Congrats to the amazing couple:D



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Dad's Dillema!! https://www.dgrannerphoto.com/blog/2016/4/dads-dillema A Dad's Dilemma. 

Sooooo, Isla received $20 for Easter from her Aunt on Sunday - and so the story begins. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I kinda blurted out, "Maybe we can go to the Disney Store and you can pick something out!" To which Isla's face immediately lit up..."OK!!!" she said with such joy and happiness. Oh ya, I had that "I'm a good dad" proud look on my face, basking in my own awesomeness, when I happened to glance over at Joanne, who was shaking her head slowly, with that "what have you done" look on HER face..."It'll be fine" I promised her, "I got this."

So, yesterday we hit up the Disney store after dinner. During the whole van ride there, I was reminding Isla about how the last time we went to the Disney Store, she REALLY wanted these Cinderella Shoes that lit up, but they didn't have her size. I was of course bigging up these shoes, hoping for a quick in...grab the shoes...and out. 10 minutes tops I thought. Everyone is happy. Isla gets what she wants, and Joanne is happy because I didn't overspend TOO much (which is my M.O., I can't lie). So we get there, and her little body starts to become overwhelmed with all the Princesses. "Daddy, I have to go Kaka!" And she's doing that cute little kaka dance. EVERY TIME she gets over excited, she has to go. So, 10 minutes later, we're back in the store, and I'm already behind schedule. I lead her to the Cinderella Shoes, trying to keep her eyes from wandering, but it's a losing battle. "ISLA, they have your size!!!" I was playing it up, trying to get her buy in. We try the shoes on, they fit perfectly..."WOW...those shoes look SOOO pretty on you. WOW...when you walk around they light up!! WOW...you actually look like Cinderella!!!" I was in complete selling mode. To which Isla replied "I changed my mind, I want to see what other princess stuff they have" Well, there it all goes: My master plan, my next hour, and possibly my marriage. 

We must have looked at EVERY single item in that store, MULTIPLE times. Pick up, put down. I love this, I hate this. I want this. I changed my mind. There were a couple of bouts of tears when I told her the store was closing soon and she had to make up her mind. "I can't! Everything in this store is just too beautiful!" Was an exact quote from my 4 year old. Joanne at one point had to leave the store, she only gave ONE clear instruction to me. "IF you leave that store and you have a princess dress in the bag, you and I will be having "words" tonight". And "words" are something you never want to have to have with your spouse. The thought of buying that $80 dress did cross my mind I will admit. Buy her the stupid Elsa dress that she really wants and we have a happy girl, but a VERY unhappy wife. The Dad's Dilemma. 

I finally convinced her to buy two princess barbies, and I was very proud to be able to get her out of the store without having to be dragged out in tears! I walk up to Joanne , "So, what did she get?" She asked..."Two Princess barbies" was my confident reply (no dress I thought....I'm safe!) "How much were the two dolls...you couldn't buy just one??"...damn...looks like I'll be having "words" after all tonight. â€ª#‎wordshurt‬

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New Cultures! https://www.dgrannerphoto.com/blog/2016/3/new-cultures One of the things that makes me feel like I have the luckiest "job" in the world is that I get to experience and learn about new cultures at almost each and every wedding I capture. Whether it be the nuances of the Chinese Tea Ceremony or experiencing the amazing ritual of a Serbian Wedding, being able to share them firsthand with a new couple going through the most emotional day of their life is quite amazing. Capturing the details of the culture truly helps tell the story of not only what is happening on their wedding day, but also represents the story of what has come generations before them.

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Exciting Times! https://www.dgrannerphoto.com/blog/2016/1/exciting-times Hi Guys! Welcome to my website. I'm sure you've all checked out my photos by now, and you've landed here to check out what's going on with my blog. Well, since this is my first "official" blog post ever, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to say...lol. I guess one thing I can say is that there is ONE subject that I actually like photographing more than weddings, and that's my two little munchkins, Cole (age 7) and Isla (age 4). Being a father of two such great kids has allowed me a new perspective on many things in life. I'm not sure whose taught who the most so far to be honest. Learning to be VERY patient, learning to be a role model, learning to be silly and learning that small things truly don't matter (well unless those small things are your kids...then they kinda matter!) have all helped me grow as a human being and I look forward to each new day with my wife and children. Cole being born is actually what really got me into "serious" photography in the first place, so when he's older I guess I'll have to thank him! I, like most parents, wanted to take photos of him growing up but wanted something a little better than the point and shoot camera I was currently using. So my first DSLR was purchased and the rest is history. 10,000+ photos later, I'm pretty sure I've got my two kids photographed in EVERY stage of their lives. From the laughs, to the tears, to the tears of laughter...if they did it, I have it captured. One thing I am careful about though, is ensuring that I'm living in the moment as well as capturing it. I truly believe that you experience more while being in the moment as opposed to viewing it through a camera lens. Especially having young kids, though they may appreciate the photos I've been able to capture of them growing up when they are older, right NOW, they want me there with them. So whether it's playing video games with Cole or Princesses with Isla, I'm there. Have you ever played Mario Kart wearing a Princess Tiara?? I have...and thank god there's no photo of it! 

Welcome to my blog...hope I don't bore you to death!

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